Way Beyond Monochrome is a book for advanced amateur and semiprofessional photographers, who have at some time developed and printed their own images but want to improve negative and print quality. It will take the reader on a journey, which will transform ‘trial and error’ into confidence and the final print into something special.
No other compendium is as in-depth for the beauty and magic of fine-art black-and-white photography! This new edition has been completely revised and heavily expanded, adding 250+ pages with new chapters on print mounting, spotting, framing, digital negatives, utilizing digital technologies for alternative processes, and fabulous do-it-yourself projects.
The book explores the entire photographic process with more than a thousand example pictures, graphs and tables to illustrate the concepts. The Zone System and material testing are covered in detail, and the case studies show how and when to select which techniques to overcome problems on the path to the final print. The combination of technical background information and hands-on case studies creates a link between the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of traditional monochrome photography. This book provides something of interest for the practical and the more technically minded photographer alike.